Hive training

6 Points of Contact

We strive to have 6 points of contacts. These points of contact should happen fairly quickly, because we want to keep the momentum going.

Example of 6 points of contact:

  1. First contact when the client calls in
  2. Email further information about program
  3. Follow up phone call
  4. Follow up email
  5. Follow up phone call
  6. Follow up email

Please follow up quickly and often. Keeping the momentum going means reaching out to the potential client frequently. Many of the families reach out to us are in crisis and are looking to place their child or young adult at a treatment facility soon. We want to be the one they go with! We also definitely do NOT want to lose them to a competitor, because they followed up faster that we did.

If the potential client is no longer interested or you can’t reach them again during those 6 points of contact, you can close the lead. Don’t forget to add the reason for closing! If you have spoken to the client and can’t get a hold of them again, it would be “no follow up”. If you haven’t ever spoken to the potential client (for example, if they don’t answer the phone or don’t respond to email), then you close the lead and mark it as “unable to contact”. There are a variety of other reasons for closing. Please select the most accurate to your particular case. When in doubt, ask a coworker!

*Note: If a caller is not financially or clinically qualified and you are able establish that for sure over the phone, you do not need to follow up with 6 points of contact. Give them some resources and close the lead.