Hive training



Unqualified candidate buzzwords 

  • Never been to therapy before
  • Financial aid/scholarships
  • Medicaid/medicare
  • History of violence
  • Schizophrenia, current psychosis 
  • IQ under 80 


 Qualified Buzzwords

  • “Money is not an issue”
  • Wants to tour
  • Bringing up past treatment (wilderness, hospitals, other programs, etc)
  • High metropolitan areas (Bay area, NYC, LA, Chicago, Dallas)  
  • Education consultant or advocate



  • Silver Hill
  • UCLA
  • UNI
  • Rogers Memorial 
  • Menninger
  • McClean Hospital in Boston



-Aspiro, Wingate, Second Nature, Evoke, Blue Fire, Redcliff Ascent, Anasazi, Pacific Quest, True North, SUWS of the Carolinas, Open Sky, Outback, Trails, New Vision


Other Sources

  • Newport Academy
  • Paradigm Malibu
  • Polaris Teens
  • Caron Treatment Centers


Competitors Names

Solstice, Vista, Discovery Ranch, Eva Carlston, Uinta, Springridge, Diamond Ranch, La Europa, Alpine Academy, Northwest, Montana Academy, Asheville Academy for Girls, Maple Lake Academy, AIM House, Dragonfly,Red Oak Recovery, Bridge House, Bridges to Recovery, Key Transitions, Clearview, Benchmark Transitions, Homeward Bound, Muir Wood.