Hive training

Checking Email


  • Email is checked every day, even on days we aren’t in the office.
  • Respond as promptly as possible- this validates the relationship we’ve established with the family and you never forget a follow up this way.
  • Communication makes our job EASIER– You can’t ever over-document. Record everything!

Why we’re the best:

  • In the Hive, we go above and beyond for the families who take the time to call in. This constant communication is what makes or breaks an admission. Most of what we do is very time sensitive, so it is important to follow up and keep in contact.
  • When communicating with admissions via email or over the phone, please pass on detailed notes about the conversation and things they should know before talking to the families.

Please check your email frequently while you’re in the office, especially if you’re alone. The majority of our communication happens through email and we don’t want anything to go by the wayside if we’re not paying attention.

Please use professionalism, warmth and correct punctuation and grammar in your emails. We are experts and these families are trusting that we are the most competent in our field. Spelling their name wrong or basic errors could be a turnoff for families.