Hive training

Closing Out a Lead


To close or not to close,

that is the question…



Many leads you go through will be pretty straight forward- either the potential client doesn’t clinically or financially qualify and you have gathered enough information to know that this is the case. Under the option of Status you change it to Closed and then another menu will pop up for you to give a reason to why you are closing the lead. Please select the reason that best fits the case. Please go through these various reasons with your supervisor or a co-worker to understand what they each mean and when to use them.

As we mentioned before, we strive to have 6 points of contact before closing out a lead. Some leads we only need to speak to once to figure out they aren’t a good fit and some leads we never speak to, because they don’t answer their phone or respond to our emails. If you’ve tried to reach them 6 times and have heard nothing back and checked for duplicates (to make sure they didn’t call while you were out of the office) close it out.

Sometimes you will not know which reason is the best one. Talk it out with someone and come up with a solution of what you find to be best!

Additionally, you may speak with someone who called in for one program, but it turns out that another program is a better fit for them, for example due to gender, location, age or other reasons. In this case, you close out the lead for the program they originally called in for and you open a new lead for the new program. DO NOT just change the program name on the lead. That would skew the data we collect.