Hive training

Four Sales Skills


  • Prescribe not describe
    • Be direct and clear about what you think they need!
  • Focus on the Brand
    • Don’t be “all things to all people”.  Focus on one point first and then the other points.
  • So what?
    • Ask yourself this in your head as you speak- What will this feature mean to them or do for them?
    • Laser-sight vs. shotgun- focus on the things that matter most to them, don’t tell them all of the things we have to offer
  • Surprise
    • Something they haven’t seen before; what makes us unique? what would they love to hear about?
  • Value Proposition
    • We are cheaper and faster and more thorough than others.
  • Offer them something they want in return for their info and permission to contact


Work Hard

  • Invest time
    • Numbers mentality: If you put in the time, you will fill the beds
  • Quotas
  • Follow Up
    • Follow up 6 times before you drop it – set up a system
  • Set Goals
    • Set measure goals for each day, week, month (we’ve taken care of settings goals for the year)
    • Goals for qualified leads and conversion rates are the best numbers to use
  • “Find” daily
    • Have a schedule in place for rustling up leads
    • We should always be “finding” every day! Show me a day without at least one hour of finding, I’ll show you a day in the near future when your qualified leads dry up.
  • First contact
    • Be their first contact and then stop the shopping


Build Trust & Hope

  • Be yourself
    • They “buy” you before they buy New Haven
  • Listen and care
  • Ask Questions
    • If your questions are excellent, they will do the selling for you
  • Be the expert
  • Conversation not presentation
  • Sell yourself


Closing skills

  • Assume the sale
    • We do a “soft” close
    • Overcome the fear of offending
  • Ask
    • Ask for what you want, tell them what they need
  • Perfect phrasing
    • The power in wording things well. “We can hold that slot for you” vs “We have only one more slot in this house and it may go quickly.
  • Create urgency
    • If they weren’t faced with life or death decision, they wouldn’t be calling.
    • What benefit can they possibly have to wait?
    • Sometimes you have to create urgency in your coworkers in other departments
  • Influence
    • Play on emotion and past experience: you can’t help but influence, so the real question is: how will you use your influence?