Hive training

Hive Call/Email Tracking

The Hive call tracking helps us keep track of all the work we are doing!

It looks a little something like this:


We track every first point of contact that the Hive makes. This includes: incoming calls that we answer, as well as web inquiries that we answer either through a call or through email. You only tally the very first point of contact. Everything that happens after that point is logged in Salesforce and not necessary for the purpose of our Hive call/email tracking

Every program has it’s own section and within that section are multiple categories. Here’s a closer look:

Total Incoming calls: you don’t touch this number. It is automatically totaled by adding together web leads, EC calls, MHP, other referral source.

Section 1- where is the lead coming from?

  • Web leads: the primary referral source is a web search. Be sure to ask all potential clients for their referral source. In this category, we count the people who found our program through a web search.
  • EC Calls: Education consultants are an important referral source! When one calls in, we pass them along to admissions for them to build their relationship with our admissions teams to refer future clients to us (more on this later). You enter a call here when the family has heard about our program from an Education Consultant they are working with.
  • MHP/Hospital/Other Program: Many of our potential clients are coming from a hospital setting or another behavioral health program or counselor. If they heard about our program from that Mental Health Provider, you put a tally mark here.
  • Other referral source: examples of this could be a friend, family member, flyer, etc.

Section 2- what is being done with the lead?

  • Totals 50% (closed out lead): during the first point of contact, you can establish that this potential client is not a good clinical or financial fit for our programs. No other points of contact need to be established, so you close out the lead.
  • Totals 70% (kept open-following up): the potential client may be a good fit and you want to continue to follow up with them to see if they can make it happen after thinking about it.
  • Totals 90% (passed to admissions): during the conversation, it is established that the potential client is a good clinical and financial fit, they want to tour and/or they will make the decision to commit if they speak to someone in admissions. We either live-transfer the call or send a warm hand-off email to admissions.

Section 3- additional options

  • Notes: space for anything note-worthy
  • Transfer calls: when someone calls in and they want to speak directly to someone else at one of our programs. Does NOT include live-transfer calls to admissions.
  • Non-admissions leads: we receive many non-admissions calls and web inquiries as well. We still take the time to investigate these leads and close them out in Salesforce. We want to track all the time and energy we spend on those too! This includes calls web inquiries that are just advertisements or non-admissions related, as well as leads in Salesforce that have been created that are non-admissions, for example, when someone calls the main office of one of our programs.

**At the very bottom of the call tracking page there is also space to mark junk and missed calls. If you receive one a junk call or notice that we have missed a call, please mark those accordingly.