Hive training

How to Talk to Anyone (on the phone)

Taking/Making Calls:

  • Beginning of call- ALWAYS ask:
      • “Is now a good time to talk?”; “have you got a minute?”; “Do you have a couple of minutes for me to answer your questions/talk to you?”
  • Exaggerate how you feel!!
      • 30% of our energy or emotion is lost over a phone call!
        • Ex. turn your nods into noise, your smiles into sounds, your frowns into words, etc…
  • Say the caller’s name VERY frequently!
      • In person this would be annoying and condescending, however on the phone it makes the person feel valuable and validated, as well as reminding them to pay attention to the call
  • Answer phone unemotionally/professionally!
    • Then once they’ve said their name, smile big and let that go into your voice. Make them feel special!
    • If you answer super friendly, it will seem generic and like you do that to everyone. If you wait until you know their name and then change your voice, you make them feel important and you sound more authentic 
    • The “Oh, wow it’s you!” Technique


Screening calls:

  • When screening a call, “oh, yes let me check if they are available! Can I ask who is calling” then mute them for a few seconds, come back and let them know they are busy but get info. Let them know they will contact them ASAP
    • This is called a “sneaky screen” because rarely do people get upset if done this way!


Leaving Voicemails:

  • The three C’s!
      • Confidence, clarity and credibility.
        • Confidence in the message you are leaving
        • Clarity in your voice, leaving your number, etc…
        • Credibility that you are what you say you are!
      • These can be heard over even a voicemail.
    • Entice, entertain or interest whoever you are leaving a message for
  • Write down/practice what you are going to say before you say it!
    • You don’t want to sound confused or hesitant in your call, so go over what you plan on saying to help your message be more smooth.