Hive training

Becoming a Lead Detective

How to be a good lead detective:

  1. Click on the Leads/Students tab.
  2. Next to View:  there is a drop down menu. Select All Open Leads or All Leads This Week/ Last Week and click Go!
  3. A list of all open leads will show up. When things slow down at the Hive, please go through this section to see if all the open leads have been taken care of. We want to make sure that no one slips through the cracks!


Other places to find leads:

  • “Call Center” tabs for EVERY program!
  • Look for “notes”. If there is no note, name or information written by someone from Embark, click on lead. Often, it is taken taken but no notes inputted (which is why entering notes is so important!)
  • Salesforce doesn’t always connect/integrate or misses them, which is why you have to search each category.

**This section is dedicated to Madelyn Hardy, the first Hive Lead Detective.