Hive training

Office Etiquette

We ask that you make it a priority to implement these values into your everyday work and just do your best to be mindful of everyone working as a team to provide the best results.

Be kind, courteous, calm, communicative, committed and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Seek to improve all aspects of your life while here at work.

Remember HIPPA outside of work to protect those we help and serve daily.

Try to be as objective as possible. If a caller is upset, try to put yourself in their situation and respond as calmly and politely as possible. Be kind, reassuring and give hope.

If a caller is being belligerent or rude, calmly state your needs and set boundaries. (“Sir, I will gladly speak to you once you lower your voice or you can call me when the time is better for you.”) If a caller continues to act inappropriately, you may hang up. (“I’m sorry sir, you may call me back another time. Good day.”)