Hive training

Olark- Chat Console

When using Olark Chat, here are some things to remember:

  1. Visualize the person reaching out to you and try to empathize as much as possible. Use clear, concise language and don’t be afraid to ask questions to direct the conversation. Validate their reaching out, even if they’re just looking for cost. Connect on an emotional level and the well being of their loved one.
  2. In a separate tab, follow what they’re searching for on site, so you can give them live direction and help when asked. You’ll understand the context of their questions better, be able to think ahead and you can also use it as a segway into conversation.
  3. Only one person on the chat console at one given time.
  4. A lot of users are asking for advice. Remind them that you aren’t a licensed therapist, but direct them to valid resources, ask for your team for live feedback in the moment to best respond to the family and answer honestly with empathy.
  5. You can only find out what program they are looking at by looking at the source and page they are currently viewing. You can initiate chats as well, especially if you see they’ve visited multiple times.

Here is how to login to chat: