Hive training

Open Ended Questions



  1. You mentioned that your daughter has the tendency to throw tantrums. Can you tell me more in detail what that looks like? Is she violent? Does she hurt other people? Does she just target one person or multiple? How does she interact with her peers? Have there been any fights at school? Does she show remorse? 
  2. Can you tell me more about your family situation at home? Does she have siblings? What does the day to day look like? 
  3. Was there anything that happened that may have triggered these behaviors? (ask for specific dates, instances or issues) Ask for details 
  4. What types of support or treatment has your daughter received up to this point? (i.e- wilderness, inpatient programs, intensive outpatient,  hospitalizations, modalities of therapy like DBT, CBT, EMDR)
  5. Where is your daughter currently? Is she attending any short term programs?
  6. How does your daughter feel about getting long-term help? Does she want help? How is her relationship with you currently? Does she know you are considering residential? 
  7. What would be most helpful to you at this time? 
  8. How are you and your spouse handling all of this? How is your relationship with your spouse? How is the rest of your family(kids, siblings, grandparents) handling this difficult time?  (segway into family healing)
  9. What are your daughter’s strengths? What does she enjoy? Does she have hobbies? 
  10. How severe are the issues that your daughter is dealing with? 
  11. Is your daughter currently receiving help at home? Does she see a local therapist? Counselor? 
  12. How is your daughter performing in other elements of her life?  School? Extra-curricular activities? Friendships? 
  13. Is your daughter currently participating in risky behaviors like drug use and unprotected sex? Gang activity or crime?
  14. What are you looking for specifically in a treatment program?
  15. Does your daughter enjoy the outdoors? How would she cope with therapeutic activities like rock climbing or river rafting? 
  16. Does your daughter have a history of running away when overwhelmed by emotion? If so, can you tell me about an instance when that happened? 
  17. I understand that your daughter has a history of self- harm. Can you tell me more about that? What does it look like? Is it superficial? Deep? Does she do it to get attention? Is she crying out for help?  Do suicidal thoughts coincide with relapses? 
  18. Are you and your family willing to participate and heal together? Would you like to know more of what that looks like? Is there anything in particular you enjoy doing as a family?
  19. Has your daughter ever been psychologically or academically tested in the past? What were the findings? Does she currently have an IEP?
  20. Where are you currently located?