Hive training

PM Daily Checklist

PM Checklist

Start of Shift: 

  1. Start taking calls.  
  2. Clock in and open chat.
  3. Open email, Salesforce and call tracking. Have drive and CallRail up and ready if needed.
  4. Go through leads to make sure AM shift didn’t miss anything. Follow up on leads that haven’t been touched. 


During Shift:

  1. Mark calls in call tracking, especially missed calls. (Even if you reach back out, a missed call is still a missed call.)  Please mark calls as they come in, not at the end of the day. 
  2. Document all activities in activity tab and lead comment box.
  3. Alternate with your team member when you will take live calls and do follow ups. (1 hr on, 1 hr off)  If you are doing follow up calls, calls coming in take precedence. If the other member on your shift is already taking a call and calls come in, it is your duty to answer them. 
  4. If there is down time and you’ve already finished your lead follow up, you can audit leads to find duplicates and reach out to missed calls. 


 End of Shift: 

  1. Clean work station; please remove binders, additional notes, cups, treats, etc. Nothing should be left on the desk that isn’t communal. 
  2. Sanitize keyboards, desks, headsets and phones.
  3. Clock out- turn out lights, set the alarm and lock the office. Enjoy the rest of your day! 



  1. Meet with your Supervisor for 1:1 training
  2. Perform call center (01,02) audits for each program to make sure calls and leads haven’t fallen through the cracks.
  3. Any extra projects assigned by admissions teams/supervisor