Hive training

Referral partners

We need to ask everyone calling in what their referral source is. We want our admissions teams to build as many referral partners as possible. Referral partners are important, because it in part drives our business. Referral partners can include Education Consultants (EC’s), mental health practitioners, hospitals, schools, etc.

  1. Education Consultants: EC’s are so hot right now. They provide us with a lot of business, because they are sometimes the first call a family makes when trying to find a treatment solution for their child. It is extremely important for our admissions teams to build a relationship with EC’s calling in, so the Hive transfers those calls immediately. Our admissions teams are on site and know the programs best and EC’s want to know all the information precisely to relay that information to the family they are working with. (Caveat: sometimes admissions teams are all busy at the same time! If you try to get a hold of an admissions team, but they are unavailable, get the information of the EC and tell a member of the admissions team will reach out to them as soon as possible.
    • Sometimes a family, who is always working with an EC, will call us to get information before the EC has a chance to. They want to create their own picture of the program and get their pressing questions answered immediately. If the family is working with an EC, try to transfer them to admissions. Once again, if admissions is unavailable, get the information of the individual and promise a prompt call back. Then email admissions with the information. If a family has gone through the trouble of hiring an EC, they are likely to be qualified, which is why we can pass them along.
  2. Mental Health Practitioners: any MHP with an individual or family should also be transferred to admissions for the same reasons as with an EC.
  3. Other referral partners: We do get some call from other individuals working with potential clients. You can gather basic information about the client and see if they would be a good fit for our program and transfer them to admissions if they are. Other times they aren’t a good fit and we close out the lead like we normally would.


**Our basic rule of thumb: when in doubt, pass to admissions.