Hive training

Reports and Dashboard

Looking at the Reports tab gives you an excellent shortcut to reach various reports and dashboards. Your Reports folder includes your open leads (closed leads are not located here and your supervisor can show you how to find them).

Sorting them by date gives you an easy view of when you have last contacted your leads. It is important to follow up quickly, because we want to keep the momentum going. Reaching out every couple of days helps keep that momentum going and our programs fresh in the minds of our potential clients.



Dashboards have a lot of super neat graphs, pie charts, lists and everything else a nerd could want to look at to get more information!

When you click on the Dashboards tab, you will see a drop down menu to select which Dashboard you would like to see. The example shown is the Hive Master Dashboard. This shows different graphs tracking all the different information logged in Salesforce related to the Hive. Each program has a few different Dashboards. You will find a lot of information there. The graph you will want to check in on is the Census- Annual ADC Goal graph. This shows you how many participants are currently in the program, which a parent who is looking to admit quickly may want to know on the phone.

Please take some time to look through the endless informational possibilities!

**Note: you can also make your own graph!! Speak with your supervisor or Jason Long to learn how.