Hive training


In the end, the reason behind everything we do is to get Results. All of our stakeholders want Results. Our families entrust their child in our care because they expect Results. Referring professionals refer to us because they expect Results. Our lenders and investors expect us to perform consistently and predictably on our Results. Results breed trust and confidence.

Our good intentions don’t matter if we don’t deliver Results. It doesn’t matter how hard we tried or how many people were working on it if our stakeholders didn’t get the Result they expected from us. Our Core Value of Results expects our team to have an unrelenting focus on specific objectives and clearly defined outcomes. Our Core Value of Results is about doing what we say we are going to do, following through on our promises, and beating our goals. We enjoy success and suffer failure acutely.

We take extreme ownership, we are dependable, and we work with precision to provide evidence to our clients and their families, our employees, our referral partners and our investors and stakeholders that we are achieving meaningful results.  By running an efficient, profitable, results-oriented business we are empowered to help improve our world, adjust to a changing behavioral health climate when needed, and respond promptly to our customers.  To accomplish results we prioritize then act with discipline.

The ultimate dysfunction of a team is Inattention to Results. The purpose of leadership is to create the culture that drives the behaviors that produces the Results. We focus on our Response in any situation because we care about the Result.

Our ultimate result is quantifiable and is our BEHAG. The stakes are just too high for us to not perform and deliver Results.

The nobility of our mission, and to merely exist is not enough. We need to live and breathe to achieve meaningful objectives.

The star at the intersection of our company logo represents our Core Value of Results. By living our collective core values we drive meaningful results for all of our stakeholders.