26 students

Welcome to the CASA Developmental Framework Course. 

This will be an opportunity to learn about psychological, neurological, and physiological development and how relationship plays a significant part of healing developmental disruption.  This course will provide the necessary psychoeducation to begin understanding and implementing effective techniques to have impactful therapeutic relationships. Students will learn about defining a developmental lens from which the CASA Framework is utilized to instruct on how to be in therapeutic relationship. Additionally, the course will provide working definitions for trauma, dysregulation, integration, and compensation as a means of attuning to others in order to effectively achieve co-regulation and effective therapeutic healing.   Please pay close attention to each video as they are sequentially designed to build a foundation of knowledge from which the course builds upon.   Enjoy learning about healthy and unhealthy development and the effective techniques to conceptualize and implement therapeutic relationship using the CASA Developmental Framework.



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